Wish List: Mobile Clipboard Sharing

A feature I’d like to have on my Droid (or any smart phone, or computer in general): a shared clipboard. I’d like to be able to copy a link, or text, or whatever it is I’m copying on my desktop, and paste it on my phone, and vice versa.

How might this work?

  1. I copy something on my desktop
  2. I click on an icon that will send the contents of my clipboard to a web service
  3. Said web service notifies my phone that it has new content (or my phone polls regularly for new content; I’m not sure how that might work)
  4. My phone grabs the new content and saves it to its local clipboard
  5. I paste the content in a appropriate location on my phone

It doesn’t seem horribly complicated at first glance. Is there anything out there that does this?

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