It’s come to my attention that structuring this like an FAQ saves me the trouble of writing good prose. It doesn’t matter that the questions have never been asked, let alone frequently asked. Let’s just say I’m anticipating future needs. Therefore…

Who’s writing on this blog?

My name is Jonathan Brinley. I’m a web developer with Flightless, a graphic design company my wife and I run, and I bear much of the blame for the content of this site.

What’s this blog about?

If there’s something worth sharing from my professional life, I post it here. It may be plugins I’ve developed, tips and tricks for dealing with CSS, cataloging standards and practices, batch PDF handling, playing on the Semantic Web, or myriad other topics.

Can I hire you?

Why, yes, you can. I’m available through Flightless to develop websites, write WordPress plugins, or various other projects.

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  1. WP-Router question:
    What file name does one need to use if they create a new path?
    Does that filename need to be referenced within the code?

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