European Tour

Several years ago, Modern Tribe invited me on the annual team trip. Instead of the “usual” Central American/Caribbean destination, we were meeting in Tuscany. After the trip, Stephanie would join me in Rome, where we would have a few days to explore before heading home. This adventure was scheduled for May 2020—it didn’t happen.

Jump forward four years. The kids are teenagers, finances are more flexible, the world is open again. We decided it’s time to try again, this time as a big adventure for the whole family. In May 2024, we went on the Brinley Family Grand European Tour, a 17-day trip with stays in Rome, London, Paris, and Munich.

I will not herein attempt to capture the entire journey. Rather, I want to highlight a handful of experiences and create a space to share selected photographs. (Stephanie has her own selection of photos over at Laughter & Dance.)

Notable Sights

Great Food

Everything was delicious. Our first evening in Rome included a food tasting tour, and a few friends recommended restaurants. Otherwise we just searched Google Maps for nearby restaurants with 4.5+ ratings.

Magnificent Organs

We encountered a plethora of churches/cathedrals/chapels filled with beautiful organs, although we only had the opportunity to hear two of them: in St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Sunday eucharist, and a short concert in the Salzburg Cathedral that featured three of the seven(!) organs therein.

Odds & Ends