Redesign: x + 3 v2

I’ve been remiss in calling attention to the redesign launched here a few months ago. May thanks to Stephanie for helping with the design.

There’s still a fair amount of tweaking to be done (isn’t there always?), and I can’t promise universal browser support.

I’m experimenting with a few newer CSS features. Notably:

  • Headers use the Republikaps font, loaded using @font-face
  • A fair number of drop-shadows are scattered throughout
  • The border of the main content area is a combination of two rounded-corner boxes, the inner with a drop-shadow, the outer with an inset drop-shadow (note that due to a bug in WebKit, Safari and Chrome users may see a square outer border)

Much of the above won’t be visible to the 6% of my readers still on Internet Explorer. Frankly, I’m alright with that. In the past month, Opera’s 1.69% among visits to this site outranks IE6 and IE7 combined.

Let me know what you think, or call my attention to any bugs you might notice.